Corporate Wellness: Is Your Company Ready To Be RevolUtionary?

aboutUfitness mission statement is simple: “to help individuals and corporate employees achieve better health and physical wealth in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner possible”. One, no obligation meeting and your Company is on its way to healthier employees. aboutUfitness will custom design a wellness program that fits your goals and budget. We utilize a proprietary array of proven methods to ensure success of the program and sustainable results for the participants. The focus is on value to your organization. Studies have proven that healthier employees results in less absenteeism, improved presenteeism, job satisfaction, employee retention and increased productivity.

Well implemented Corporate Wellness programs can even produce a measurable ROI!

Personal Training: Elite Personal Training with aboutUfitness

Every client is unique so every exercise program is specifically designed with you in mind.Your goals become our goals. We utilize an array of training modalities that are aligned to U! This keeps you on track and with a continued interest both mentally and from a neuromuscular perspective. The result? You will achieve the best, sustainable and safe results in the shortest amount of time possible.

It’s all about U!