Where Do U Begin?

aboutUfitness utilizes a proprietary array of assessments to establish a baseline for each individual participant allowing for the measurement of future success!

  • PAR-Q
  • Physiological Measurements
  • Health History
  • Performance Analysis

Each assessment is custom designed depending on your budget, program chosen and participant goals. All information is held in strict confidence and only shared with the written consent of the participant. Assessments showing improvement may also lead to future health insurance cost reductions contingent upon reduced health risks for participants.

One On One Personal Training

Hiring a well-qualified Personal Trainer is one of the best decisions you can make!

The true art of personal training is getting the most out of each session while leaving U wanting to come back for more. Individualized programs combined with the right amount of attention in an exciting environment combine to ensure your success. Every aboutUfitness trainer motivates you to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible. Your form and technique will be perfected allowing for better joint stability and correct posture.

Additionally, aboutUfitness focusses not only on designing great programs, but also on your daily nutrition. Through food logs we work with you to improve your nutrition in balance with your workouts. Scientific methods in conjunction with motivation work together to get U on track. This service is included at no additional cost as it is an extremely important part of achieving sustainable results.

Please visit  What To Look For In A Trainer! to see a full list of what you receive with aboutUfitness.

Small Group Personal Training

A great way to reduce the cost of training while enjoying the company of friends!

Programs designed for groups of up to 5 people will take into account the overall goals of each individual. Just like One-on-One Personal Training you will experience an array of exercise modalities with the perfection of form and technique keeping things interesting and safe. Motivation will come from your trainer as well as exercise colleagues!

Just like One-on-One Personal Training we don’t ignore nutrition! Food log analysis and friendly advice will be provided at no additional cost as we know how important this aspect is in achieving sustainable results. For competitive purposes we do not publish our training rates. aboutUfitness offers very attractive packages that will allow you to have complimentary sessions that effectively reduce your costs even more. Please contact us for details!

Corporate Challenge Points Program

Our Corporate Wellness Program utilizes a point system that rewards employees for positive lifestyle changes.

We design and customize activities and quarterly fitness challenges, designed to improve health, happiness, and fitness for your participating employees. The aboutUfitness Corporate Challenge is used to motivate participants to get involved in the program while developing team spirit. These competitions can be administered between departments, within departments, across geographical regions, or according to the specifications of the organization. Fitness Challenges are a great way to bolster the family culture of your organization!

edUcation = motivation!

Knowledge is powerful and motivational. The aboutUfitness edUcation Program provides expert presentations on topics including:

  • nutrition
  • training while traveling
  • exercise modalities
  • stress management
  • improving sleep quality
  • tips for healthier living and many more

We customize our presentations to suit your preferences and budget. And we are happy to address any fitness related topic through our vast array of fitness professionals.

Matador 5Fitness Design Center

Want the Ultimate on-site fitness center?

While we are happy to train our Corporate Wellness participants at Matador Performance Center, we also specialize in designing and implementing on-site fitness centers.

aboutUfitness has teamed up with the owner of Matador to ensure your fitness center will accommodate your training preferences, space limitations and, most importantly, budget.

And best of all? aboutUfitness is happy to supply our elite team of trainers to accommodate the Personal Training and Small Group Personal Training needs in your new facility. As always with aboutUfitness, nutrition consulting is included for every participant.